Effective formats for blended learning

Various formats are suitable for consulting and training. I offer my services classically as face-to-face events, as live online formats as well as in virtual reality using the latest technologies. Let's talk about the best design for your company and develop an effective blended learning concept together.


Cutting Edge: XR - Extended Reality

More effective than online and in presence: Training and collaboration in Extended Reality (XR as an umbrella term for virtual, augmented and mixed reality). With a VR headset you will immerse in a completely virtual world, without disturbances and distractions from the outside. The experience here is so intense that content is conveyed and processed in shorter training times. Location-independent collaboration creates flexibility and saves resources. Last but not least: It's really fun!


The New Normal: Live Online

At the latest since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, live online formats have established themselves as accepted formats for training, coaching and collaboration. The addition of video conferencing via MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc. with other platforms (e.g., Mentimeter and Mural) also enables interaction and collaboration independent oft he location. Nevertheless, we experience virtual collaboration in this form as tedious and with lower social quality than face-to-face meetings. A big advantage results from the possibility to proceed more process-like than is possible in face-to-face formats. I would be happy to contribute my experience from over 100 live online events to your training subjects and projects.

The classic approach: Face-to-face

Most people think of training, workshops and coaching as collaboration in the same physical space: meeting rooms, training areas or conference facilities. Intensive communication and social exchange are possible, informal networks can be cultivated and expanded. In the future, face-to-face events will continue to have their justification and of course I will continue to offer all services in this classic option.


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