Leadership Development

The leadership behavior of individuals in your company has a direct impact on employee engagement, agility and ultimately on your company’s success. As in the case example of  Peter Drucker, focus should be placed on the orientation of customer benefits and on  the existing strengths of your company.  Management skills are not innate rather they are learned and can be further developed. Supporting your executives in this process is a worthwhile investment. A systematic approach attuned to the management career promises the greatest success. 

Range of services:

  • Development and implementation of leadership development programs
  • Support with establishing a systematic leadership development in your company
  • Joint development of suitable contents and formats with the customer (Co-Development)
  • Integration of existing HR systems into training concepts
  • Training on strategic management, Leadership and Change


Your benefits


  • Greater customer orientation, consistent focus on customer benefits
  • Higher staff commitment and higher willingness to work
  • More agility and controlling capacities for your company
  • Optimization of your existing HR systems
  • Increasing attractiveness as an employer


Practical example

Development and establishment of a common management philosophy in a middle-sized company in the opto-electronics industry with approximately 1,000 employees:

Together with the executive board and the owner we initially defined a leadership framework and then revised it in three training modules with the 45 most important executives. In order to achieve the optimum impact, transfer partnerships, review meetings, self-evaluation and exchange with the executive board were additionally integrated into the program. This program is regularly offered to new executives and employees who have been promoted to an executive position. 


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