Support of Executive Teams

The behaviour of top management teams within companies determines the corporate culture  and serve as role models. The implementation of a re-orientation starts with a change at the top. This change can be systematically supported in order to operate as a high-performance team as quickly as possible and to promote change processes within the company.

Range of services:

  • Support of executive teams and boards on their way towards a high-performance team
  • Moderation of implementation-orientated management workshops
  • Strength-orientated team building with the personality profile MBTI
  • Workshops within the scope of ‘360 Degree Feedback’


Your benefits


  • Effective management of the company by a executive team
  • Maximise the existing strengths in the leadership team
  • Ensure a functional and effective cooperation between top executives  
  • Less frictional loss and coordination problems  


Practical example

Supported the top management team of a global supplier in the automotive industry with 8000 employees:

 Structuring and moderation of management meetings in close consultation with the CEO, development of normative leadership elements, analysis of leadership systems  identify areas of action and support on strength-orientated team building.

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